Aloha my lovelies! University can be a scary thing. For some people, it means moving away from home to study. For others, it means starting at a new place not knowing anyone. I studied at De Montfort University for 2 years, however I changed course from Journalism to Education Studies, and currently I'm taking a … Continue reading


Aloha my lovelies! I love getting pictures printed and sticking them in scrapbooks and having physical memories of days that were special to me, or people who I love. Standard 6×4 prints are cute but I absolutely love the polaroid retro style prints. I do have a polaroid camera but when it comes to buying … Continue reading

Aloha my lovelies! It was really exhilarating writing my previous post, 'Coping with Anxiety', so following from that, I thought I'd stick with the same theme but talk about something else that a few of you may be able to relate to! YOU CAN CHECK OUT MY 'COPING WITH ANXIETY' BLOG POST HERE When something is … Continue reading