Review: CW’s ‘Riverdale’ is over, for now.. 🌊🍭🌹

SO IF YOU HAVEN’T HEARD OF RIVERDALE, LET ALONE WATCHED IT YET, THEN YOU’VE CLEARLY BEEN AWAY FROM HUMANITY AND THE INTERNET FOR TOO LONG. SERIOUSLY, IT’S EVERYWHERE. EVERYONE IS WATCHING IT! 😛 So like most people on the planet, I have Netflix; I’ve been done with mainstream free to air TV for a good … Continue reading Review: CW’s ‘Riverdale’ is over, for now.. 🌊🍭🌹


My Childhood TV Shows #THEFEELS 😭💭

So I was reminiscing about how much I miss being a kid, like I actually miss the days coming home from school and watching the old Disney Channel and Nickelodeon and being beyond excited for new episodes and films coming on! Yes I'm 19, and I've recently decided to re-watch EVERY SINGLE childhood TV show that brings me back … Continue reading My Childhood TV Shows #THEFEELS 😭💭


✨ ANESU MUTARA ✨ You'll soon be hearing that name, if you haven't, he is an amazing and crazy talented professional actor, dancer and musician from Leicester who is currently in the beaaautiful city of Los Angeles CA, Hollywood! He's starred in productions such as 'The Intent' and he has also appeared on a couple of episodes … Continue reading THE NEW APPLE ADVERT STARRING ANESU MUTARA 🍎📱🌟